Save and organise bookmarks.

Marklog allows you to collect and organise any link quickly focusing on usability.

Improve your productivity and never lose any bookmark again.

Artificial Intelligence

Automatic AI generated tag suggestions for your bookmarks.

Browser extensions

Firefox, Edge and Chrome extensions to create bookmarks from anywhere. Safari and Opera coming soon.


Share your links with Marklog Telegram bot to create bookmarks from your mobile.

Export & Import

Your data is yours. Export all your data at any time and import bookmarks from other services like Browser, Raindrop, Pinboard and others.

Be smart.

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Never lose any bookmark again.

Use Marklog to save any interesting or helpful links. Categorise them using our proposed tags automatically generated with AI or your own tags. We will help you to enter the title and description, and we will also take a screenshot. And that's it, come back at any time to retrieve them with our search engine. Insanely simple.

Store and recover knowledge for years in an organised way.

Private by default.

All your content is yours and only visible to you. We won’t share your bookmarks with other users... unless you specifically add them to a public collection.

Easy and fast. Everywhere.

Marklog is built to be used by any user, but it’s specially designed for heavy users with high bookmark volumes. You can use our shortcuts to save any possible instant from your time.

Use the web application or our Telegram bot from your mobile device to save content on Marklog.

We have a commitment: we will continue to stay simple. Focusing on basic functionality will always be our priority. We will not become a tool full of features that you don't use and hinder the real goal.

Simple pricing. Until the End of the Internet.

We are aware of providing an application that lasts and, as long as it has users, remains available without being subject to financial goals of investment capital. We work independently.

We can commit to this because Marklog is a paid app. Marklog's running costs are covered by user subscriptions and do not depend on any investors.

Cancel your subscription whenever you want. Subscription conditions are transparent and straightforward. And one more thing: You can export all your data at any time. Your data is yours, and you choose how to use Marklog.

24.99€tax incl.
30 days free trial
  • ✓ Unlimited bookmarks
  • ✓ Multi-platform
  • ✓ AI tags
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